Pile turners

Albo System Pile turners for efficient work flow

Pile turners for efficient production

Albo System specializes in Pile turners and has over thirty years of experience in helping customers improve production and distribution with innovation and robust design. Albo System today offers manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic Pile turners in a standard range. At the same time, you always could get tailor-made solutions and functions that are completely adapted to your business and the needs of your production.


       - Entry-level Pile turner

Manual turntable

Manual means that the turntable is rotated manually by hand force. Other motions of the machine are performed by hydraulics.

Individual controls

The operator controls the manual Pile turners by pressing individual control buttons for each motion of the pile turner. The Aerating & Jogging Systems have individual controls for aeration intensity, jogging intensity and number of aerating laps etc. The settings are adjusted during operation for highest performance. The operator may leave the Pile turner when the Aerating & Jogging Systems are running.
The Manual Pile turner models may be combined with various options and upgrade possibilities.

Albo System Manual Pile turners are equipped with:

  • Turntable for manual rotation.
  • Individual controls for each function.
  • Easy adjustable Flex guide for alignment.
  • Optional efficient Aerating & Jogging Systems.


       - Self Rotating Pile turner

High Capacity Pile turners

The new generation Albo System® Semi-Automatic Pile turners turns the pile by simultaneously clamping the platforms, tilting and rotating the turntable.
In one single fast and smooth motion, the pile is moved into the aerating position.
In combination with the standard programmable Aerating & Jogging System, a high speed and full function pile turner results.

    Motorized Turntable

    Self-rotating motorized turntable, for the convenience of the operator.

    Single Control Operation

    When in semi-auto mode all operating sequences for aeration, jogging, and / or turning are pre-programmed.
    The selected program is executed with one single control, the Safeball. This “hold-to-run” device confirms the safety in operation.
    In comparison to conventional pile turners, the cycle time for turning, aerating and jogging is considerably reduced.

    Albo System Semi-Automatic Pile turners are equipped with:

    • Single control safeball operation
    • Multiple operation semi-automatic sequences for turning, aerating and jogging
    • High capacity programmable aerating & jogging system
    • Flexguide flexible length side guide
    • Self-rotating motorized turntable, for the convenience of the operator.

     Fully Automatic  

           - Programmable Pile turner

    The automatic models are fully auto equipped and execute the job without the presence of an operator It saves resources and it also saves time. Just by pressing the start button, the sequence of aeration, turning, shaking and rotation is performed.

    A safety fence around the pallet turner is included as well as an opportunity to monitor the work outside the safety zone via a screen

    Albo System Fullu Automatic Pile turners are equipped with:

    • Fully automatic operation.
    • Multiple operation full-automatic sequences for turning, aerating and jogging.
    • High capacity programmable aerating & jogging system.
    • Flexguide flexible length side guide.
    • Self-rotating motorized turntable, for the convenience of the operator.
    • Safety fence with photocell guard.

     Conveyor integration

    The Fully Automatic Pile Turners may also be installed in automatic production lines and integrated in-line with conveyor systems.
    Typical applications are for die-cutter lines in the folding carton and corrugated board industries, and in packaging lines at paper mills.
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    Pile turner Specialist

    Albo System develops Pile turners for a number of industries. It gives you access to knowledge and skills in how to support your production.​​​​​​