Pile turners and Pallet exhangers
​​​​​​​for your industry

​​​​​​​Slim production flows and high demands on results are our customers' everyday lives. With innovative technology and Pile turners and Pallet exchangers that have high precision, capacity and a long-life cycle, your company can increase production efficiency while increasing profitability and a safe working environment. Today, Albo System is represented all over the world in several different industries. It gives us the opportunity to adapt, improve and develop the technology of the future together with our customers.

Printing & Packaging

        - Safe and ergonomic production

Albo System Standard Pile turner models for Printing and Packaging are available for all standard sheet formats. Manual, Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic models are recommended based on your requirements of speed and efficiency. Our standard models are also available for Inline integration in conveyor lines.

Manufacturing industry

        - Improved production flow

Products with the correct side up and aligned board materials are important factors for an efficient production flow. Albo System Pile turners are used in production of a variety of products, from bearing rollerballs and heat exchangers to kitchen cabinet doors and canned paint. 

Food industry

        - Change to clean pallets

Albo System Pile turners and Pallet exchangers offer the possibility to replace contaminated wooden pallets with clean inhouse plastic pallets.
Goods with damages in the bottom layer of the pile may be removed by the operator in a more ergonomic working position after turning the pallet with goods upside down.
Skewed load on the pallet may corrected by gravity instead of by manual adjustment.

Metal Decorating

        - Avoid costly press stops

Albo System Pile turners for Metal Decorating are enhanced for the heavy loads of metal sheets. Piles of metal sheets are efficiently turned, aerated and aligned. Damaged sheets can be taken out of the pile to avoid costly stops in the printing press.
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Banknote printing

       - Separate and align intaglio sheets

Perfectly aligned piles of banknote paper is requirement in the production of bank notes.
​​​​​​​Albo System Banknote Pile turners efficiently aligns and separates sheets of banknote white paper, offset printed paper, intaglio printed paper and polymer.
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